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Research Center

Centre de recherche

Founded by the Acadian Museum Association of PEI in 1985, the Acadian Research Center of Prince Edward Island was created to deal with the acquisition and preservation of archival records relating to the history and culture of Acadians of the Island. It must also ensure that these documents are available to researchers. The Center first inherited many documents accumulated by the Acadian Museum since it was opened in 1964. Since 1985, it has been donating various archival collections from individuals or organizations in the Acadian community on the Island.


We also have more than 4,000 Acadian family records, including information on birth, marriage and death dates, as well as various censuses. This is in addition to the 30,000 genealogical records that our volunteers have transcribed over the years, as well as the 160 Acadian family files, binders and booklets given to us by independent researchers. We also have 340 thematic files covering various topics related to Acadian history and a library of more than 1,500 books on Acadian history as well as rare books.

The Acadian Research Center of Prince Edward Island has more than 230 fonds in its collection, belonging to individuals or organizations.


To view some archival fonds and photos, please visit:


The Acadian Research Center follows the same opening hours as the Acadian Museum. To view the documents mentioned above or for more information, please contact the Acadian Museum at (902) 432-2880.

Policies and fee schedules

Fee schedule for documents, videos and photos

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Archives acquisition policy

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