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Permanent Exhibit

Exposition permanente

Island Acadians, a community and its history

A permanent exhibit produced by the Acadian Museum of Prince Edward Island

Through its five components, this exhibit will help you discover the treasures of a people living on Prince Edward Island for almost three centuries. The first Acadians settled here, on this island called Isle Saint-Jean in 1720. Despite many obstacles, these resilient people who were proud of their heritage continued to fight to save their French language and Acadian culture.

The permanent exhibit includes a diorama, 25 interpretation panels, 145 pictures / illustrations and 124 objects representing the material culture of the Acadians of Prince Edward Island.

The exhibit includes five components:


  • L’Acadie et les Acadiens

  • Le régime français, 1720-1758

  • Le rétablissement, 1758-1860

  • Le réveil, 1860-1930

  • La société contemporaine de 1930 à nos jours

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Virtual exhibition

Click here to discover the virtual exhibition:

L'Acadie de l'île - à découvrir.

(In French only.)

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