Call for Nominations for the Heritage Award La Petite Nyctale 2019

Call for Nominations for the Heritage Award La Petite Nyctale 2019

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Musée Acadien de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard, 23 Main Dr E, Miscouche, PE C0B 1T0, Canada

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The Association of the Acadian Museum of P.E.I. is inviting the public to submit nominations of candidates for the heritage award La Petite Nyctale 2019. This award is given annually in order to recognize the contribution in any field of Acadian history and heritage of Prince-Edward-Island which was made during the last five years by an individual, an organization or a group.

The Association of the Acadian Museum presented this award for the first time during the celebrations of the 400th anniversary of Acadia in 2004. The award has been named La Petite Nyctale after a small owl known as the “Acadian chouette” and whose scientific name is “aegolius acadicus”. The survival of this small owl symbolizes the courage and determination of the Acadians to survive and thrive against all odds. This bird is discreet, daring, tenacious, a hunter master and great survivor, just like the Acadian people.

The public can submit their nominations by describing the contribution and a brief biography of the candidate, at the latest by September 13th, either by email to or by mail at the following address: Association of the Acadian Museum, P.O. Box 159, Miscouche, PE, C0B 1T0. The award will be presented at the annual meeting of the Association of the Acadian Museum on September 24th, 2019. For more information, you can call the Acadian Museum at 432-2880.

Contact person:

Angèle Barriault

Administrative Assistant

Acadian Museum of PEI

P.O. Box 159

Miscouche, PE

C0B 1T0

Tel. : (902) 432-2880